Journal 1 positive experience in the past 24 hours

Queen’s Blade is an anime that appeals to my boyhood fantasies. I know I am an adult, & I do not get too excited any more watching movies with girls running around, like Baywatch, or seeing girls in real life imitating the sexiness of Marilyn Monroe. This anime, though, someway, somehow speaks to a boyhood fantasy of scantily clad, sword wielding, ass kicking, giggling girls who give you plenty of eye candy.

By awakening my lost, younger, & freer inner-boy, I found my self lost in the unrestricted glee of a time without the weight & shackles of “responsibilities,” or headaches, as some say. In that, I found a simple happiness & joy unbound.

Exercise – because our behavior matters

I did not exercise more than simple chores, i.e. laundry.

Meditation – to clear our mind

I did so bicycling & sitting outside at my friend’s house. His back patio is shaded & provides a decent cubby for thought. I thought on a recent invention idea, my current & future time allocations, & how consciousness can be included in mainstream science/physics as part of the physical world. Can consciousness be defined as matter? Or, which of the for energy categories will consciousness fall into?

Acts of Kindness

I made four people smile, laugh, & engage in some fun conversation.


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