Let’s Do It, Again

Three New Things I Am Thankful For

  1. TEDtalk videos available on YouTube. I often begin my day with a TEDtalk playlist I have saved, showering and/or doing chores around the house with it playing in the background
  2. My bicycle, so I may cost-effecticely commute around town without using fuel, as well as getting exercise. The sense of freedom and adventure every time I ride takes me back to my childhood. It is an amazing feeling
  3. Sunny days. It reminds me that possibilities are endless, someone somewhere may be smiling about me, a new day means new adventures and new beginnings, and I can do all the outdoor summertime activities I like

Journal One Positive Experience Within The Past 24 Hours

I feel better emotionally and more confident in my plan of action (POA) regarding a part-time job. I worked out some concerns and obstacles with a friend concerning how I can coordinate a part-time job with my long-term expectations of higher income/living standard and my time with family. Now, I finally feel I can run full steam ahead with my POA on my efforts to supplement my primary income.


When I ride to work, I ride 5.8 miles one way. Today, I rode to the coffee shop I really enjoy, which is 2.97 miles one way from my home. It is a beautiful day! And, I wish to enjoy it! Riding my bicycle is not only a health & wellness activity for me and the planet, but my bicycle is also a tool to reduce my fuel expenses.


I can often meditate while performing an activity. Perhaps not all activities, but some. Frequent activities I can meditate during are: showering, cleaning, martial arts, watching a previously seen movie, and sitting in the dark in my home. Today, I meditated while riding my bicycle to the coffee shop. It was refreshing mentally and physically.

Act of Kindness

I emailed a good friend of mine how much of a special friend he is to me. I shared with him the things I enjoy with him, the positive expectation I have looking forward to our next meeting and the opportunity to hang out, and that he is a person I like. Sharing with the person you like him/her can sometimes mean more than other things you can say.


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