First Cup

Three New Things I Am Thankful For

  1. Help from timethief making changes to this blog so I may begin the project. (timethief’s blogs: one cool site & this time – this space)
  2. Family, new friends, old friends, and the diversity they each bring into my life. If you were all the same, I would only need one of you, but I am glad you each are different.
  3. This new, adventurous, scary, exciting, full-of-potential direction I am embarking on, partially inspired by a friend pursuing the ideal of living her dream. You have reminded me that when working to live my dream, the only thing I have to lose is itself, my dream I wish to live. And, that’s no bar line, either. 😉

Journal One Positive Experience In The Past 24 Hours

Everyone seeks three things in life: autonomy, mastery, and purpose (Daniel Pink’s TEDtalk, Surprising Science of Motivation). Although I try to pursue my writing – blog(s), novel(s), poetry – with the due diligence of professional occupation, an amateur feeling still lingers within. Moreover, my daytime, full-time employment does not allow me to utilize my creativity and ingenuity to a small measure, if at all. Consequently, the sum of life has been low on autonomy and purpose. However, there is no shortage of mastery, but a desire for more atop what I already have. I have had a governing value since eight or nine years of age, and solidified during basic training for the Army.

I strive for excellence in all that I do.

This time, last year, I recall telling friends, “I feel that I am at the edge of a great precipice; leaning over the edge just before leaping.” Near Christmas (of 2011), I was saying, “I feel that I have jumped and am free falling down the face of that great precipice,” but I did not know to where or why. Now, I know.

I feel exuberant and alive to chase “living my dream” as a creative! I am applying for part-time employment with companies seeking creative persons. They are often writing and/or marketing positions. Even though I have zero experience and zero college education, I still feel confident in my ability to secure employment. My resourcefulness, personal improvement philosophy, wide knowledge of various subjects, balance of deduction and intuition, and creativity give me an edge over other applicants, once I get into an interview and in front of a person.

Be the person you want to be, live the life you want to live, and you will have those things true to your heart.


My day-time job usually gives me plenty of exercise. However, I did not perform any additional exercise, say at home or at the gym.


I do not meditate in the stereo-typical way most Americans think of meditation – sitting quietly with legs crossed in an empty space. There are many times through my day in which I will simply stop, and others will see me “zone out.” I stop doing, thinking, and sometimes will stop breathing, as I have been told. In this moment, I clear my mind of all things, and allow my self to be receptive to all things. It can last a few seconds to a few minutes, or I can do it for a half-hour or so. In this moment of meditation, time disappears. I never know how long I am in this state. Although I can easily initiate (or, allow the meditation to come over me), it is more difficult for me to end it and return to the “real world.” I will often look at the clock before I let it happen. Or, I will leave my eyes on the clock, so when I “come to,” I will know the time difference.

Today, I meditated three times. Sometimes I become incredibly inspired/creative, but I was refreshed after my meditations, today.

Acts of Kindness

While I was checking recycle sites, I thanked half a dozen people or so for recycling. I like to remind people that someone cares they are recycling. The responses I get are proof enough of what I am doing: they smile, they talk, they liven up.

I thanked my fitness coach for all the time and effort she takes sending her group emails on upcoming events and informative tips.

I smiled at a stranger walking past who looked very distressed and exhausted. She smiled back and brushed her hair back with a blush. As I continued working, I saw her look back at me and smile, again. I am glad I took her mind off of her worries, even if it was just for a moment.


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